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"I just got the wires which came really fast. I saved over $60.00 by not buying OEM but these wire actually look better made then t..."
- Joe in CA
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Most of our orders are shipped out of one of our distribution points, depending on our stock level, Tuesday thru Friday. All items are usually shipped within 72 hours after payment is received.  Overnight and special arrangement shipping can be made and information is available upon request. At times we use several shipping companies however we can not guarantee which way we will ship. For International orders as well as orders outside of the 48 USA continental states (PR, GU, AK, & VI) please allow 5-7 days for us to ship. Please note that we do not ship to PO Boxes and physical addresses are required.

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Spark Plug Ignition Wire Tips:

How do Bad Spark Plug Wires Hurt my Car? Spark plug wires are pretty durable as they are not a moving part of your engine but after miles and years of use the insulation on them can break down causing your car to run rough. If the insulation is cracked the spark will jump off the wire or 'Arc' which may even cause your cars check engine light to go on. In addition your car will run rough and can affect your gas mileage. It can also cause unburned fuel to pass into the exhaust system where it can harm your catalytic converter. If your spark plug wires are not 'up to par' you are cheating yourself out of all the performance and gas mileage your car has to offer.

How do I inspect my Spark Plug Wires? With your engine off (Don't get brave and do it with the car on), start at the distributor/coil end of the plug wire and work your way toward the plug end. You're looking for anything that is not smooth, pliable rubber. Bend the wires slightly to be sure no cracks appear. Check the boots at the distributor end of the wires to be sure they are not torn or cracked. If there are any signs of wear...its time for a new set!

How do I Replace my Spark Plug Wires? Replace ONE WIRE at a time to avoid mixing up the firing order (very important!) Start with the longest plug wire(s) and go to the shortest or vice versa. If you mix up the firing order, the engine will not start or it may pop and backfire. The replacement wires should be routed exactly the same as the originals, and if needed supported by looms or clips so they do not contact the exhaust manifold's). While you replace the wires just remember to take your time and do not force anything...enjoy the experience!

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